Monday, May 30, 2005


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Superman-Andy Warhol
"Don't want youTo lead me to the darkDon't need youTo tear my heart apartDon't do thatThough people say the you're my enemyI know you can set me freeDon't want youTo come so close to meDon't need youTo blow my fantasyBut I knowThat you are livin' far beyond those liesI can see the danger rise in your eyes
Cool Vibes why don't you kill me ?Cool Vibes why don't you turn your eyes awayCan't you see we're free to dieCool vibes all we can do is fight and prayCool Vibes why don't you thrill meCool vibes why don't you kill meAll that I can see
Are shadows of my destiny
Don't want youTo make me feel afraidDon't need youTo take away the hate But I knowThat you will break the seal of mystery
Leave it to my fantasy what will be ?
Cool vibes why don't you kill me ?
Stay close to me InfinityEnigma's what we shareBut I don't careYou'll be there..."
Vanilla Ninjas-Cool Vibes


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