Friday, November 11, 2005

In the Days, The golden Days...

All the stars may shine bright,All the clouds may be white,But when you smile,Oh how I feel so good,That I can hardly waitTo hold you,Enfold you,Never enough,Render your heart to me.All mine,You have to beFrom that cloud,number nine,Danger starts the sharp incline,And such sad regrets,Oh as those starry skies,As they swiftly fall.Make no mistakeYou shan't escape,Tethered and tied,There's nowhere to hide from me.All mine,You have to beSo don't resist,We shall existUntil the day,Until the day, I die.All mine,You have to be...

Fui a baixa. Adoro a baixa no tempo frio, lembro-me sempre desta musica... e está tudo como eu gosto. Mesmo o pé.


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